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2021 Schedule



May 22 - TBD

We will be holding invite-only tryouts starting the weekend of May 22nd.  If you are interested fill out this INTEREST FORM. Flynn will be there!


Boston Invite - TBD

July 17-18

Xist may decide to compete at Boston Invite this summer.  Our tournament schedule is not set yet, but if we decide to go, you can be sure it'll be a blast. Plus Olive will be there!


Philly Open - TBD

August 7-8

Another tornament that Xist may compete at.  Just like Boston, if we go, it'll be fun!  Plus Pim will be there!


Metro East Sectionals

September 11/12 or 18/19

We will be competeing at Metro East Sectionals which will be one of these weekends at the world famous Blue Sky Polo Cub.  It'll be fun!  Elly won't be there, but she'll be rooting for us!


New England Regionals

September 25/26 or October 2/3

Okay, okay... THIS is where the stuff get knocked into 12th gear!  After we WIN sectionals (or like do well or whatever) we will be competing at New England Regionals in Devons MA.  We win THIS (or like do well enough) then we get to go back to nationals! Plus Zuzu might be there.


Nationals Championship - Hopefully

October 21-24

Nationals will take place in sunny San Diego!  All we can say about this is that we 100% guarantee that we win Nationals this year.  Unfortunately, Daisy probably won't be coming to California as she has a big baseball game that weekend.

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